Our Partners

Mahmee is a software + services platform. Physicians and specialists use the Mahmee Network which is HIPPA protected to share care plans and stay on the same page about mom and baby’s care. New and expecting parents get a personalized dashboard for linking mom and baby’s health records and tracking health over time so that Mahmee care managers can provide ongoing support and education.
The Fresh Program 

FRESH Youth Program

Our FRESH Youth Program is designed to reach youth who need assistance transitioning from adolescence to adulthood.  The program encompasses a proactive approach for at-risk youth by redirecting their paths to prevent them from committing any type of offense.  It also focuses on providing guidance to those who are presently incarcerated in the Juvenile Justice System and are seeking change.

FRESH Adult Program

Our FRESH Adult Program is designed to connect with men and women who need our support.  These are men and women who have recently been released from imprisonment and bondage and are returning to an unforgiving system that encompasses anger, despair and violence.  These men and women have demonstrated changes in the behavior patterns that caused their imprisonment and are now ready to contribute to our endeavors of bringing the “neighbor” back to the “hood.”  These men and women are referred to as “Returning Citizens.”  

Whether participating in the youth or adult track, the FRESH Program provides the love and support needed to successfully make the necessary changes required to positively affect not only our neighborhoods, but society as a whole.  

Reality of a Returning Citizen

Returning home after extensive prison time is a unique and somewhat dismal experience.   Although in some cases, families and loved ones can be eager to help, the Returning Citizen are forced to face many changes and challenges unknown to many of us.  While some may have support, others that return to society are subjected to deplorable conditions which include marginal living conditions, minimal (if any) employment opportunities, and a prevalent atmosphere of insensitivity and impatience.  With the reality of unemployment is at an all-time high and welfare rolls are at alarming numbers, Returning Citizens are just not welcomed.  Statistics pale in comparison to the actual number of men and women returning to a society that is ill-equipped to promote the enhancement of a Returning Citizen’s re-entry into our communities. While this may be challenging to our society, the FRESH Program is fully prepared to provide then with the type of assistance and support necessary to promote success. 

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