What We Do

At It Takes A Village DC, our goal is to educate, strengthen, and empower parents to build thriving families and communities. 

We Empower

We empower our parents by giving them safe spaces, and access to any services, programs, or resources they are in need of, such as “Mommy & Me” Yoga or the financial literacy workshop so they can learn about generational wealth to uplift their families.

We help parents to become advocates for themselves, their families, and communities.  We encourage parents to make informed decisions about policy and issues that impact their lives and to engage their local leaders to make positive changes.

We Educate

It Takes A Village DC is committed to ensuring parents develop the necessary skills for employment or promotion, wealth building, and money management, just to name a few, using our job readiness & placement workshops, resume building workshops, and financial literacy services.

We Strengthen

It Takes A Village DC uses the sacred time in “ The Village” parent support group to uplift parents “The Village” was built by parents for parents to facilitate and enhance communication on broad topics from “Parenting within COVID” to “Racial Inequities”!

We Build Community

The Village parent support group is a safe community space for our parents to connect, come together and support one another to strengthen and build community.  We will facilitate and promote meaningful collaborations and partnerships with other family support organizations and agencies to transform families and communities.

Impact Stories

Sabreana D.

When I first met Rashida she made me feel welcome with her pleasant smile and wonderful personality. Rashida has shown me lots of love and support. She has kept motivated to accomplish my goals for myself, and my family. Rashida was there for us recently when our refrigerator went down due to poor management. She provided my family, and I with a gift card to buy groceries. She truly has a heart of gold.

Impact Stories

Ashlee W.

Ms.Kim has always been a community leader! Whenever, I needed help accessing an address, phone number or information to help my family ,and I she would be the first person I would look to for help. Ms.Kim is also my advocate when I feel I like I don’t have a voice. She is a second mother to me ,and I am so glad to be on a new journey to access every resource available for me at It Takes A Village DC!

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