Who We Are

It Takes A Village DC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Washington, DC.

At It Takes A Village DC, our mission is to restore the foundation of motherhood within the District by building stronger families. We want to empower communities by connecting, embracing, and supporting one another in our “Village.”. 

We want to ensure we are a part of the growth, improvement, and sustainment of the families within our communities . 

We are strong advocates for policy that protects the rights of parents and families.

We provide a wide range of wraparound services, programs , and resources such as parent support, financial literacy, reentry and legal aid, mental health and wellness, job readiness and placement, and housing counseling.

We have intentionally created safe spaces for parents with them fully in mind. They are able to engage, support, and empower one another as a true village because it really does take a village!

It Takes A Village DC. When we say “For Parents By Parents,” we really mean it!

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