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ITAVDC is dedicated to providing services, programs, and resources to grow, enhance, and sustain relationships within families, with other families, and other organizations in “The Village,” while providing a sense of community.  Our integrated approach includes a comprehensive intake process, orientation, service delivery, and follow-up.

Parent Support Group:

ITAVDC parent support group is a safe virtual space and haven created for parents by parents to gather and discuss various topics that relate to their everyday life experiences. Families are actively involved with the topic selection, the feedback process, and even co-facilitating groups so that building a village can be a reality.. We launched “The Village,” which has been a success in bringing parents together on topics such as “Parenting Through CoVid “ and “Come, Let’s Talk About It All.”

Resume Building & Editing Workshop:

ITAVDC Resume’ Building & Editing Workshop focuses on basic and advanced resume writing skills. Our Resume Specialist will work with families and individuals to review their previous resumes, assess job experiences, address experience gaps, and update or create new resumes that can be tailored to meet recruiters’ expectations.

Job Readiness & Placement:

ITAVDC is working with businesses within the District to ensure that our families have jobs.. Once the initial contact is made, our families attend the Job Readiness & Placement workshop to help them seal the deal! Our Workforce Counselor conduct intakes to gauge interests and skills, career goals, and compatible jobs. . Upon job placement, reviews of benefits, PTO, maternity leave, etc., are conducted to ensure our families are financially stable.

Interview Etiquette Workshop:

This workshop will provide families the opportunity to participate in mock interviews. Preparation also includes Do’s and Don’ts about proper attire, conducting research on businesses of interest, and interview follow-up. 

Financial Literacy Program:

The Financial Literacy Program will teach money management, budgeting, saving, and investing skills to enable our families to become financially stable. We offer workshops relating to “Saving for Your Dream Home“ “Sound Investing, including cryptocurrency”, “Knowing Your Credit,” and “Making Your Budget Work for You.”

Housing Counseling Services: 

Housing instability is increasing as our city landscape changes. We assess our families’ housing needs, whether renting an apartment or buying their first home. Referrals are made to housing community-based organizations for resources such as credit building services, budgeting and savings plans, and homeownership programs. 

Mental Health Resources:

ITAVDC recognizes that mental health and wellness are crucial to building stable and thriving families. Our Mental Health Intake Specialist provides individual or group therapy, coping skills for life’s challenges, as well as referrals to local resources. both with virtual and in-person appointments. 

ITAVDC Wellness: 

Our on-call Mindfulness Instructors provide our families a place to “Breathe It Out”! We maintain collaborations with culturally diverse instructors who have different approaches to meditation designed to meet the needs of our clients.. Wellness is a high priority along with mental health and provides an alternative form of therapy for many.

Reentry Services & Legal Aid:

ITAVDC is dedicated to helping both families and formerly incarcerated individuals seeking services to rebuild their lives and reintegrate with the local workforce, their families and communities. We serve as advocates and have partnered with The FRESH Program to help families and individuals adapt as returning citizens. Our partnership with The Great Injustice provides access to legal aid assistance.

“Knowing Your Rights” Workshop:

ITAVDC has partnered with The FRESH program to provide a workshop informing District residents of their rights when navigating inside and outside the legal system! It is imperative that we teach both our youth and adults how to interact with our police and court system, first responders, and local leaders. Workshops are held virtually due to Covid19.

Substance & Abuse Counseling:

ITAVDC Substance and Abuse Counseling program is available to individuals and families through with a local facility that specializes in individualized substance abuse therapy. We will handle our clients’ intake paperwork and help them on the path of recovery,. Our families also have the option to meet virtually with our in-house counselors. 

Mommy & Me Yoga®:

Mommy & Me Yoga® gives moms and their little ones an opportunity to “breathe it out, stretch it out”as they connect as a tribe. ITAV DC has created a special fun-filled 45-minute session for moms to enjoy and find time to include and bond with their children!


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